Kaitlyn Nicole

Spiritual Advisor and Pendelum Reader.


About Me

My passion is bringing happiness to people within my readings. I love to bring a smile to people's faces. I've been doing readings for 6 years using my pendulum and pendulum board. I recently started using dowsing rods which works AMAZINGLY! I now go live on TikTok 5-6 days a week answering yes or no questions for donations. I also do private readings 7 days a week. If you're looking for a magical experience, come talk to your spiritual advisor...ME!!!

Donations Made Through

If you donate through CashApp with your yes or no question, you will recieve a thumbs up or thumbs down so only ask 1 question at a time on CashApp, they are $1 per question. On Venmo and Paypal, I am able answer in full sentences. Again, each question is just $1 a piece.